GDR « Multielectrode Systems and Signal Processing for Neuroscience » 2014 Annual Meeting to be held October 14-15 in Gif sur Yvette

The fifth annual meeting of the GDR « Multielectrode Systems and Signal Processing for Neuroscience » will be held on October 14-15 in Gif sur Yvette, France. A "minischool" is organized on Monday the 13th, mainly for students and post-docs.

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The annual GDR meeting is the main tool to federate and facilitate exchances between research teams using these approaches in France. It also constitutes a showcase for foreign laboratories and for multielectrode systems and material suppliers. More specifically, the meeting aims at:

  • allowing students, researchers and postdocs from the GDR teams to present their results either by making an oral presentation during the thematic sessions or by presenting their posters,
  • inviting external international researchers to present their latest scientific/technologic results in the multielectrode field,
  • providing the opportunity for participants to meet together, and bring some new collaborations or strenghthen existing ones,
  • training young researchers during the Minischool on the first day of the meeting because ignorance of some of the basic recording and analysis techniques slows down new developements in our community,
  • identifying new needs in electrode types, electrode arrays, and analysis softwares,
  • developping information transfer to companies and providing a showcase for those who are already strongly implanted in this field.

The 2014 meeting is the fifth GDR meeting since 2010 (Paris, Lyon, Marseill, Bordeaux). It will be held in the Imagif facility in Gif sur Yvette. Imagif includes a large auditorium together with a wide meeting hall and two rooms allowing posters and sponsors presentations.



 Alain de Cheveigné (ENS, Paris)

Sonja Grün (Jülich, Germany)

Fabian Kloosterman (Nerf, Belgium)

Jean-Philippe Lachaux (CRNL, Lyon)

Stefano Panzeri (IIT, Italy)

Alexa Riehle (INT, Marseille)

Anton Sirota (Tübingen, Germany)

Michael Zugaro (Collège de France, Paris)


The two main sponsors of the GDR for this year are TDT and Neuralynx





This minischool will take place on monday the 13th of october in Imagif (Building n°21 in the CNRS campus of Gif-sur-Yvette). This training course is intended for students, post-doc and young researchers in priority.  

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